Adelaide Convention Bureau posts 39% increase

Adelaide Convention Bureau posts 39% increase

The Adelaide Convention Bureau announced a 39% increase in its 2015/16 annual report, the best in its 42-year history.

The bureau has brought business worth AUS$210m in economic benefit to South Australia.

Adelaide will act as host city to the 120 events successfully secured by the Bureau and its Team Adelaide partners in a competitive market against many other extremely well resourced national and international destinations.  The region is expecting to see some 51,000 delegates visit for business events which will require around 221,000 hotel bookings.

The average delegate spend is forecast at AUS$632 per day, three times that of a leisure tourist, will create and support 2,038 jobs in the hospitality, retail, events and related industries including general tourism.

Damien Kitto, CEO, Adelaide Convention Bureau said: “On their [delegates] arrival to our city, businesses and relevant Government departments within their industry genre may take full advantage of their presence – having such a delegation in town at once is not something that may ordinarily happen without the benefit of a conference. The chance to network and showcase our local industry on ground lends itself to vital discussions on innovation, investment, export and skilled migration opportunities for the state.

Ian Horne, CEO, Australian Hotels Association (SA) added: “Business events are a vital component of the hotel industry. The bed nights, food and beverage trade and the resultant jobs they support should not be underestimated. The Adelaide Convention Bureau’s work and achievements are absolutely fundamental to the success of accommodation providers in Adelaide and South Australia.”


  • $210,000,000 in economic benefit for South Australia’s future plus incalculable long term legacy opportunities for industry
  • 108:1 Return on investment from total operating budget
  • Result is a 39% increase on 2014/15
  • 50,964 delegates coming to Adelaide (plus possible partners and/or family members)
  • 220,900 bed nights for our hotels
  • $632 per day on average to be spent by delegates whilst in Adelaide
  • 2,038 jobs created and supported in the visitor economy
  • 120 events secured over the past 12 months

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