Amsterdam RAI chooses sustainable freight transport


NETHERLANDS – Amsterdam RAI has received goods by boat for the first time as part of a new green initiative.

According to a spokesman for the venue, the electric-powered vessel Mokum Mariteam arrived at the exhibition venue fully laden, and left it with a full cargo earlier this week.

Mokum Mariteam operates boats running on quiet and clean electric engines, and as part of the new partnership the company’s boats will not only bring cargo to the Rai, but also take away goods such as waste.

The spokesman added that the RAI prides itself on being an early adopter of sustainable green initiatives. This alternative to road transport, made possible by the venue’s connection to Amsterdam’s dense network of waterways, reduces transport movements around the RAI and improves air quality and noise in the inner city of Amsterdam.

The idea came about thanks to a fruitful cooperation with waste disposal company Icova, one of the founders of Mokum Mariteam, and it soon became clear that this type of clean and quiet freight transport method is ideal for supplying events.

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