ATEC aligns with WTTC Safe Travel protocols

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ATEC aligns with WTTC Safe Travel protocols

The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) has announced that it has aligned with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), becoming an agency with the authority to issue Australian tourism businesses with the globally recognised ‘Safe Travel’ stamp.

The stamp has been developed by the global travel and tourism industry body to recognise businesses which adopt standardised health and hygiene protocols. ATEC has incorporated the Safe Travel branding into its Covid Ready program.

ATEC managing director, Peter Shelley, said: “ATEC has developed the rigorous, sector specific ‘Covid Ready’ program which aligns with the standards defined by the WTTC. The ATEC program enables tourism businesses to identify covid risk points within the customer journey and implement risk management solutions, all of which are captured in a COVID Ready plan aligned with state and national regulatory requirements.

“ATEC has incorporated the WTTC Safe Travels branding as part of our Tourism Trade Checklist which recognises businesses who have completed and uploaded a COVID Ready Plan. The WTTC Safe Travel global branding is another level of recognition which will assist Australian tourism businesses to stand out in the international marketplace.

“As an organisation with the authority to endorse tourism businesses, ATEC is able to connect Australian tourism businesses with global Safe Travel protocols which quickly verifies a business’s compliance.”

Over the past few months, ATEC has been developing a comprehensive strategy to “meet the needs of the industry and expectations of the global traveller once international borders open”. The strategy, titled #TravelSafeAustralia includes three components working together to ensure Covid safe experiences.

The components include: Covid ready suppliers, with all suppliers servicing the international market completing and uploading a Covid Ready plan into ATEC Tourism Trade Checklist portal and receiving the WTTC Safe Travels stamp; Covid risk reduction by aligning with the goPassport biometric risk management system, a real-time Covid-19 alert system for inbound international travellers; Covid safe managed travel, with Australian based inbound tour operators (ITOs) taking accountability for the safe travel of international visitors from arrival to departure.

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