Australian Tourism Export Council welcomes industry report 

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Australian Tourism Export Council welcomes industry report 

The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) has welcomed the release of the expert panel report: ‘Reimagining the Visitor Economy.’ Led by chair, Martin Ferguson, the report aims to provide a comprehensive review of Australian tourism as it emerges from the pandemic and enters a new world of international travel.

Peter Shelley, managing director of ATEC, said: “We are pleased to see the report has comprehensively covered off on the major issues affecting our industry as well as some of the challenges the industry was already facing before the pandemic.”

Shelley added: “Issues such as the significant deficit in our workforce, which will be critical to the success of tourism’s recovery, have been highlighted as a major focus for government’s nationally and the need to build the pathway to success from marketing to air capacity, visas, renewed product offering and building business capability.”

Shelley said ATEC was supportive of the recommendation to place Australia’s indigenous heritage at the centre of the tourism industry.

“Now is an important time for our industry and governments, working collaboratively, to look at opportunities to build the tourism industry of the future and many of the recommendations outlined in the report have highlighted ways we can do this from greater digital capacity, a stronger focus on value over volume, better data collection and promoting our nature and cultural offerings.

“It is refreshing to see recommendations to have the industry directly involved in helping to drive outcomes and ATEC is looking forward to working through the strategy both in the consultation stage and as a future contributor to industry collaboration processes.”

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