BestCities partners Dubai and Houston in close ICCA collaboration

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BestCities partners Dubai and Houston in close ICCA collaboration

BestCities Global Alliance partner-cities Dubai and Houston have agreed to step up continuity between the 2018 and 2019 ICCA Congresses hosted in the respective destinations.

Dubai is set to host a record-breaking 2018 Congress, 11-14 November, while the 2019 edition is set for 27-30 October 2019 in Houston.

Steen Jakobsen of Dubai Business Events and Daniel Palomo of Visit Houston joined Paul Vallee, BestCities Global Alliance Managing Director and Dennis Speet, Interim CEO of ICCA, for a meeting at IMEX America in Las Vegas to discuss legacy and knowledge transfer for associations, analysing the winning submissions from this year’s Incredible Impacts grant programme.

The Dubai Congress will be the first edition to take place in the Middle East in ICCA’s 55-year history. Beyond the core educational programme, delegates will have the opportunity to visit some iconic locations in the city, engage in CSR activities and explore Dubai’s growing knowledge economy.

The next theme for Houston’s ICCA Congress, Innovation and Technology, will be announced this week at IMEX. Also, the final countdown to the #HoustonLaunch will begin, as next year marks the first time in 32 years that the ICCA Congress takes place in the US, coinciding with the 50thanniversary of the NASA moon landing.

Paul Vallee described the collaboration plan to share knowledge, promote each other and inspire other associations to create their own legacies as “fantastic”.

“Both Houston and Dubai have a wealth of knowledge to share on science, technology and innovation, with aspects of these industries reflected in the education programme of the ICCA Congress and in many features of the winning Incredible Impacts submissions.”

Daniel Palomo, Director of Global Sales at Visit Houston, added: “We use the #HoustonLaunch campaign to look forward, with leading suppliers and association meeting planners from all over the world, to the ICCA Congress in Houston, but also, we use it as an angle to profile Houston as innovation, technology and one of the energy capitals of the world.

“On top of that, 2019 is the perfect year for Houston to take the reins as its the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, in which Houston’s NASA mission control played a huge part. The education programme will include out of the box sessions at Space Center Houston.”

Steen Jakobsen, Assistant Vice-President of Dubai Business Events, said: “As a member of the BestCities Global Alliance, we understand the crucial role collaborations can play in this industry, and how knowledge sharing can benefit all parties involved.

“The upcoming ICCA Congress in Dubai has been many years in the planning, and there are numerous learnings that we will be eager to share with Houston.”

Interim CEO of ICCA, Dennis Speet, said: “In all these years that ICCA has organised Congresses around the world, we have never had the chance to promote two Congresses in different years at the same time. Best Cities, Dubai and Houston came to the conclusion that this year should be an exception.

“This is a fantastic example of cities looking beyond their own interest at the benefit of the organiser and symbolises the collaborative spirit of our both industry and the ICCA community.”

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