BTA reveals £4.31bn loss to UK GDP over the last week

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BTA reveals £4.31bn loss to UK GDP over the last week

On 9 July, the Business Travel Association (BTA), the authority on British travel whose TMC membership accounts for over 90% of UK expenditure on business travel, has revealed the UK has lost £4.31bn (USD$5.95bn) in GDP over the previous week due to the decline of business travel trips following Covid-19.

Data provided by Travelogix, a travel data, reporting and analytics provider, shows that in the first week of July 2021, international business travel trips from the UK dropped by 85.47% from 2019 pre-pandemic levels, with a reduction of 306,071 business trips in the past week. 

The data shows the decline of business travel trips, as a result of travel restrictions, to the Republic of Ireland has cost UK GDP £827m in this first week of July; to France the decline has cost £620m, to Germany £490m, and to Spain £383m. Also, an additional £870.68m has been lost from the decline of domestic business travel.

The seventh edition of the BTA’s Business Travel Tracker can be found here.

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