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Our industry has weathered the storm of the pandemic, and as restrictions have eased it is encouraging to see full-scale domestic and international events coming back to Scotland once again.

But the return to live events is not just about economics. Business events are vehicles for great change, and while the impact of the pandemic will be long felt, the return of association events is an encouraging signpost to the future.

Rory Archibald, Senior Business Events Manager, Associations & Sectors at VisitScotland Business Events discusses some of the key association events that Scotland has attracted for 2022 and how the country’s sectoral expertise can complement and enhance association events.


P&J Live Credit VisitAberdeenshireDamien Shields
P&J Live, Credit: VisitAberdeenshire/Damien Shields

World Energy Council, P&J Live, October 2022

For the first time, Scotland will host the World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Summit and 2022 Executive Assembly. The events take place on 12 and 13 October at P&J Live in Aberdeen.

The World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Summit and 2022 Executive Assembly, which is themed ‘Transformational solutions in turbulent times’, will be attended by representatives from the world’s energy community who will discuss practical actions to accelerate clean and just energy transitions in all global regions, with special attention to transformational solutions that address the energy trilemma of security, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

These two notable events bring together the World Energy Council’s leadership and expert community from nearly 100 countries. The event is part of the countdown to the Council’s centenary anniversary celebrating its remarkable 100-year track record of listening, learning and leading in energy since 1923, and the first World Power Conference in 1924 when Kilmarnock entrepreneur Daniel Nicol Dunlop founded the world’s first, permanent energy organisation that could transcend national politics.

The Executive Assembly, the Council’s annual governance meeting that brings together the World Energy Community, will take place on 12 October 2022. The following day, 13 October, the invitation-only Energy Trilemma Summit, themed ‘Transformational solutions in turbulent times’, will explore the new global context of energy security and affordability, and the implications for trade-offs and transformational solutions.

Commenting on the event, Neil Brownlee, Head of Business Events at VisitScotland said: “Scotland is a world-leader in developing and implementing renewable energy sources and has a thriving community of experts and organisations dedicated to this work. Bringing this prestigious event to Scotland is a prime example of our Policy Driven Model being used as a vehicle to showcase and champion our sectoral strengths, delivering government policy and our commitment to creating a sustainable future. Events such as this are an opportunity for experts to share knowledge and to shape the future of not only the energy sector but all sectors. I look forward to welcoming the World Energy Council to Scotland.”

Association for the Study of Medical Education, P&J Live, July 2022

Scotland has a large healthcare sector that is facing ever greater pressures and challenges. As populations age, acute healthcare issues are becoming more prevalent and serious challenges like Covid-19 have put an enormous stress on our healthcare services. Like in many other parts of the UK, the healthcare sector in Scotland has also seen recruitment challenges and a shortage of key workers.

There is a clear need to support and engage with these professionals who study the best methods of delivering an education for a medical role. And not just doctors, but all healthcare workers. In the area of nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals, the Scottish government has a clear policy to help attract and support new entrants into those professions.

Hosting the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) Annual Scholarship Meeting was an excellent opportunity to further that goal in Scotland and for practitioners, scholars and policy leads to engage with the latest thinking as we continue to advance the healthcare profession. The country also has a clear policy to attract senior school pupils into medical careers, something which is being directly advanced by ASME in Aberdeen.


EICC Exterior by night credit David Barbour
EICC, Credit: David Barbour

Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease, EICC, September 2022

In September 2022, Edinburgh will host the sixth International Symposium on Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (PIBD) at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).

The PIBD meeting is a specialism within the wider European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN), that has a stated aim to develop the research, management guidelines, advocacy, and education of PIBD issues.

This is an area of healthcare in which Scotland has notable strengths, the parent ESPGHAN 2019 conference took place in the country and was supported with a VisitScotland Bid Fund grant.

The Scottish Government has a dedicated policy to advance maternal and child health, known as Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC). The GIRFEC initiative supports families by making sure children and young people can receive the right help, at the right time, from the right people. GIRFEC is a way for families to work in partnership with people who can support them, such as teachers, doctors, and nurses. Child health, and the ability to quickly diagnose, treat and care for inflammatory bowel issues is of course a part of this policy. Hosting the 2022 International PIBD Symposium in Edinburgh provides a positive and high-profile opportunity for policy makers and practitioners to engage with this European community of experts and, in turn, help strengthen Scotland’s knowledge and delivery of this crucial paediatric healthcare area.  


Organisation for Human Brain Mapping, SEC, June 2022

The Organisation for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the anatomical and functional organisation of the human brain using neuroimaging. A primary function of OHBM is to provide educational forums for the exchange of up-to-the-minute and ground-breaking research across neuroimaging methods and applications.

Scotland has a long and impressive history as a country in which pioneering medical advances have been made, and this legacy continues to the present day in many specialised fields of medical research, including advanced imaging. After all, Scotland is the home of the MRI scanner and imaging is an advanced specialism that is studied in multiple universities.

As a field of application, neuroimaging is critical to our understanding of how the brain works, and how certain influences can impact the structure and workings of the brain – from direct impact trauma to the changes that the brain can go through owing to other influences, like substance abuse. As a non-invasive process that relies on technology, neuroimaging is at the cutting edge of medical science, combining multiple disciplines.

It is the Scottish government’s policy to maintain and grow the country’s strength in science and research, to create a more educated, inclusive, and innovative Scotland.

Events like the OHBM conference in Glasgow bring in global experts to this highly specialised field and will facilitate important dialogue between Scottish practitioners and researchers and their global counterparts. OHBM is an opportunity to showcase what the country is doing in the field the country’s innovations and can attract investment and new research partnerships, helping to keep Scotland at the forefront of innovation, and helping to advance several areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) specialism in line with government aims.

By tapping into Scotland’s wealth of academic institutions and sectoral contacts, associations can enhance their delegates’ experience and learning, through inviting sectoral expert to speak at their event or by arranging a site visit to a key research centre. The VisitScotland Business Events team is passionate about connecting people and is happy to make introductions to these resources for those bringing events to Scotland.

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