Canada tops list of best countries for remote working in 2021

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Canada tops list of best countries for remote working in 2021

Canada has been crowned the best country for remote working in 2021 in a new ranking of the best places to be a digital nomad by UK-based Circle Loop.

Cloud-based telephone systems technology provider Circle Loop looked at a range of factors from the cost of internet speed and the Global Happiness Index, to the monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment and the number of searches for remote jobs among other factors to create its Digital Nomad Index.

Canada’s ranking, ahead of the UK and Romania, in second and third positions respectively, reflects how the country has attracted plenty of workers from abroad as 21.3% of its population is made up of migrants.

The UK received the second-highest number of searches for ‘remote jobs globally’ — 68,400 searches. The UK also boasts a place in the list of the top 20 happiest countries in the world, according to the World Happiness Index.

Romania, meanwhile, offers some of the cheapest average monthly costs of fixed-line broadband packages, with the monthly cost of broadband averaging just US$8.90. The Balkan country also offers the fastest broadband speed in the list of the top 10 best country for remote working in 2021, at 188.55 Mbps, and Romania has the lowest average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

Sweden comes in at number four, followed by its Scandinavian neighbour Denmark which boasts the highest happiness rating within the list of the top 10 countries for remote working in 2021. France takes sixth place followed by the Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland and Germany.

Switzerland is one of the most expensive places on the list to be a digital nomad.

All the countries in the top 10 offer working holiday visas, making it easier for digital nomads to work remotely.

Remote working has boomed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, with many companies shifting to online working, leading more employees to consider a digital nomad lifestyle.

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