The time is coming for real digital alternatives

Jonathan Dufton says virtual events are not the answer and asks, what is? These past months have seen the first virtual editions of the world’s largest tradeshow, the Canton Fair, and one of the largest technology conferences, Web Summit’s ‘Collision from Home’. While it is an achievement that, in little over three months, both these events, along with many others impacted by Covid-19, have develo...

Vienna Tourism Conference 2020 marks successful departure from virtual-only events

The Vienna Tourist Board has safely marked the departure from virtual-only events, having welcomed 200 guests in-person and over 1,000 virtually, to its hybrid event, Vienna Tourism Conference 2020 on 30 September. “The successful holding of the Vienna Tourism Conference 2020 in the Vienna Hofburg, represents an important signal for Vienna as a meeting location,” said Christian Woronka, head of th...

Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties start re-awakening!

In the second of AXICA’s Mark Felstead’s Berlin podcasts – powered jointly by Mash Media – Mark talks about ‘Re-Boarding’ – that is getting people back to work after lockdown. In his unique Prince Charming style, Mark asks what it means for Berlin to slowly be waking up to the New Normal. He also asks why re-boarding is now so relevant in this fast-moving situation, and also whether the managers a...

Democratic hospitality

Vitali Vitaliev visits an old Scottish treasure and finds it offers a uniquely democratic kind of hospitality.

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