Christmas, Summer and St. Paddy’s Day for London events community

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St Patrick’s Day was a busy day and night for London’s event industry with guests, who were invited to several parties on the same day, making a dash for the tube after an hour of cocktails and canapés to get to the other event.

One such event was Tourism Ireland’s lunchtime soirée in collaboration with the soon-to-be completed Convention Centre, Dublin. To mark Ireland’s most well-known occasion, a traditional Irish band and dancers welcomed guests, who enjoyed the Irish-themed canapés and half pints of Guinness.

Straight after work we were invited to The King’s Fund’s Narnia-themed Christmas and summer showcase for over 300 guests of press, event organisers and clients. The party gave guests the opportunity to preview the ‘No.11 Cavendish Square’ brand, which will launch in April with a dedicated website. The new No.11 brand opens up the venue to a full range of events that can take place in any of the 30 rooms at the venue.

At the same time, on the other side of London, was Sodexo’s celebration of its £250,000 restoration and refurbishment of the warship attraction and events venue, HMS Belfast.

We were welcomed on board by the ‘Captain’ or sales manager Kerry Mutter and ‘Admiral’ or GM, Seamus Curran. Set on the Thames the floating events space has been restored to what it would have looked like in 1959 with all the mod cons needed for an event.

“Thanks to this unique partnership of commercial investment and historical expertise, you can now step back in time and soak up the atmosphere of a bygone age,” says the ship’s director, Brad King. “The restoration has been meticulously researched from the original plans, historic photos and even the archaeology found as work progressed. The Wardroom bar for instance, much of which was hidden behind panelling, has emerged to take its place once again on public view.”

Looks as though there are plenty of event spaces looking to highlight their offerings as we slowly climb out of the recession. Who will generate the most leads and who had the most freeloaders at their event will really be the test of the events’ sustainability.

Let the good event roll in come spring and summer!

– Sarah O’Donnell, CMW Online Editor and Features Writer

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