Corporate Traveller re-launches AI-fuelled ‘SAM’ app

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Corporate Traveller re-launches AI-fuelled ‘SAM’ app

Global business travel booking and management agency, Corporate Traveller, has re-launched its ‘Smart Assistant for Mobile’ (SAM) app. This platform has the ability to book flights and hotels direct, and comes on the back of a survey showing that travellers seek real-time information and updates in the new travel environment.

The survey of 535 Australian businesses revealed that three in five travel bookers and decision makers are a travelling employee’s point of contact if something goes wrong on a trip. Fifty six percent say they would like to get a notification on their phone if a traveller’s flight is delayed, while 47% place a high level of importance on having access to a traveller tracking system to manage alerts and run reports.

SAM has attempted to adapt to meet these emerging demands from customers. The app aims to personalise information provided to travellers dependent upon the context of their specific trip. This can mean sending flight status reports, boarding gate changes, weather, and traffic reports, as well as the latest alerts and information on border closures and restrictions that are impacting the area.

Tom Walley, general manager of Corporate Traveller, said: “SAM is a powerful pocket travel assistant app fuelled by AI that makes sure travellers have all the essential information they need at hand. Itineraries, notifications, updates, tips and alerts – they’re all delivered in real time, 24-7.

Walley added: “Aside from regular Covid-19 updates, our customers will have access to our Travel News Hub, and that’s just one click away. This gives a global picture of Covid travel news, restrictions and alerts, airline routes and traveller information.”

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