Croatia holds first ever B2B meeting industry trade show

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Croatia holds first ever B2B meeting industry trade show

Meetex is set to be Croatia’s first ever B2B meeting industry trade show, launching from 19-21 March 2019.

It will bring together all major stakeholders from the national meeting industry, as well as 50-70 hosted buyers from around Europe. There will be a similar number of local buyers.

The event combines flexible meeting slots, keynote speakers, and plenty of opportunity for networking, all hosted by Dr Rob Davidson, a well-known figure in the meeting industry.

MICE tourism in Croatia goes back as far as 1885, when Austro-Hungarian Southern Railways organised the Balneology Congress. Tourism has since grown to become one of the strongest sectors of the Croatian economy.

Meetex is focused on helping destinations present their nautral beauty as well as promoting their MICE qualities to international and domestic buyers.

The country is investing strongly and steadily in new infrastructure, making it an attractive place to host an event. Meetex will provide a hub for organisers and professionals, who can offer advice on how to make Croatia the location for a company’s next big event.

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