Do you know where you’re going to?

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Do you know where you’re going to?

Mash Media MD Julian Agostini underlines the power of exhibitions to deliver inspiration and says there will be plenty of that on show at ExCeL London this week with the arrival of International Confex 2020.


It’s been often said that humming or whistling is the sign of an empty head. As an avid whistler and hummer, that should worry me, but I obviously don’t have the brain capacity to be concerned; perhaps ignorance really is bliss.

Recently, as I was trudging through the 17 halls of Messe Dusseldorf, in Germany, I amused myself by humming (or singing in my head – another pastime) Do you know where you’re going to? by Diana Ross.

The answer was that I didn’t.

I was at Euroshop, which started its life as an event for shopfitters but has expanded its reach. Retail is obviously a close cousin of exhibitions and so I was looking for new ideas, fresh angles of display that could be brought into the events arena.

In essence I was searching for the same thing that so many visitors seek… Inspiration. But, what does that look like and do we even recognise when it’s in front of us?

There were some amazing stands in Halls 3 and 4 in Dusseldorf, with the likes of Be Matrix (who really work their stands well, by the way), Octanorm and Aluvision, to name a few. These guys know how to exhibit, but I wanted even more.

As I passed through halls of mannequins, light fittings and even refrigerators, my in-head playlist had flipped to U2’s Still haven’t found what I’m looking for, but I wasn’t worried.

I always find inspiration at exhibitions but it’s not always a tangible thing, not always a product or service that I see.

On this occasion it arrived via a chat on a stand that was made entirely of paper. Most interesting, but it was the conversation that sparked an idea for me which I’m now really excited to launch.

That’s the incredible power of exhibitions.

I will be announcing my new idea for the events industry next week at Confex and EPS in London (25-26 February) where thousands of event professionals will be inspired by all manner of things, my idea being one, I hope.

See you there? I can’t wait.

Register to attend International Confex here.

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