Engagement begins long before people arrive on the show floor

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Engagement begins long before people arrive on the show floor

By Grant Morgan, marketing manager at Poken

Organizing an event or conference requires months, sometimes years of detailed planning, for just a few days of networking, learning and maybe a couple of cocktails. And then what? So much of what makes an event a success depends upon creating opportunity for people to make the most of the time on the floor. Good pre-event engagement not only achieves this, but extends the life of the event. Organisers and planners are slowly beginning to recognise the role of event technology and social media in helping to create pre-event buzz and delivering real value, however many are still not using these platforms to their full potential. Here are a few of our top tips on how to engage people before an event:

Get Social

Social media is best thought of as a continuous conversation. Regularly posting engaging and memorable content across a variety of social media platforms is likely to give value to potential attendees, whether it be reminding them to register, alerting them that capacity is almost full or introducing a key note speaker. It’s also important to post articles, videos and blogs that followers will find interesting. By aligning content to meet your target audience’s needs, you’re not only building confidence in your brand, but encouraging conversation and interaction among attendees. But remember, a one-person conversation is boring, Interact with the content of your audience as well.

You’ve still got mail

Guide pre-event behaviour by creating an editorial calendar that provides real value to your user base. As with social media, you should align content with an attendee’s main objectives. Creating a clear and compelling story will keep subscribers interested and regularly opening emails. These might come in the form of videos and photos from previous successful events, invites to exclusive event activities, or an invite to a session with limited capacity. It’s important to place meaningful information for your attendee’s at the beginning, to half way down the email, to increase exposure and the likelihood that it will be received.

It’s all about networking

People attend events for two main reasons – to network, and increase their knowledge of their chosen field. Getting them involved in this before they even arrive is a proven path to success. It is no surprise then, that Match making technology is continuously growing in popularity. Such platforms enable attendees to create online profiles that match to those with similar interests or objectives. Some more fantastic technologies to get people talking before the show are live opinion polling on industry related interests, forums and social media groups. Publishing your exhibitor list will also let people know precisely who they have the chance of meeting.


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