#GMID goes virtual in 2020 with world record-breaking attempt 

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#GMID goes virtual in 2020 with world record-breaking attempt 

By Paul Cook

The Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID), which was created to be an international forum for advocacy, awareness and celebration for the meetings and events industry, has traditionally brought event professionals from around the world together in April to raise the collective voice of their community.

Clearly, in 2020 with the ongoing fallout from the Pandemic – Covid-19, GMID was never going to happen in its physical form. While issues: such as Californian and Australian bushfires, the volcanic ash cloud and terror attacks, have challenged event professionals in recent years, there hasn’t been anything quite like the coronavirus crisis to devastate the events industry so completely.

Physical events for GMID are off the menu this year – most disappointing for a number of #eventprofs, who still wanted to mark the day in some way.

Anh Nguyen, principal of Spark Event Management, took to social media and suggested meeting virtually. Her tweet, sent 13 March 2020 was picked up by others who were feeling the same way and now several dozen event professionals are working alongside her. Rather than just put on a simple virtual event, their ambition was bigger. They are working on making history on the 14 April 2020 as they attempt to get in the Guinness World Record books.

Event professionals have been hit hard, but rather than go backwards, they are once again demonstrating their resilience. However, despite the brave faces they put on, they do need your support. Imagine a ‘virtual hug’ that goes around the globe and celebrates the invisible army of creatives who work tirelessly to deliver events that grow business in all other sectors of industry.

“GMID Goes Virtual is the online alternative event that all meetings professionals should attend and support on 14 April to show the world that event professionals are still connecting, collaborating and advocating for the importance of the global meetings and live events industry,” said Anh Nguyen.

Join in GMID virtually on 14 April and be part of the world’s largest virtual audience of 15,000+ people for a 30-minute interactive virtual event. All you need to do is register here https://gmidgoesvirtual.snoball.events/

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