Holistic added value services

Expert Opinion

Hospitality and events group Proske’s Andreja Wieser shares some tips on working with local organising committees to deliver the main event

When pitching with a sponsor, it is important to offer strategic consultancy and advice to your clients to support the work that you are doing for them. By offering added value services you are positioning yourself as an expert, which will help you to win business.

In your bids make sure you explore in detail your strategy for optimisation and cost saving, and be prepared to be grilled on it. It is crucial that the budget for your events is self-liquidating, as you will not be praised for spending more than you agreed.

One of our main objectives is to develop a consistent look, feel, and image to communicate that you offer consistently high-quality services. The stakes are raised when companies are involved in high profile events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Expectations are high and disappointment comes with a high price. The key to success is thorough planning, so start now.

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