hubs101’s AI-powered matchmaking leads to trackable ROI

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hubs101’s AI-powered matchmaking leads to trackable ROI

A new case study adds endorsement to the crucial role that digital events played n boosting revenue and strengthening the position of event companies. Berlin-based company we.CONECT successfully integrated its events to an online platform, hubs101, and reports it led to a 50% increase in revenue per month and a doubling of business partners per event compared to 2020.

Henry Fuchs (pictured), co-founder of we.CONECT, said: “We knew that our business partners were relying on us to find new ways for them to meet clients and navigate through uncertain times. So instead of cancelling all our physical events, we moved them online, and adapted the concepts for a digital world instead.”

Uwe Kloss, manager core programme at the Ford Motor Company, commented: “We used hubs101 to facilitate lead generation for our partners and track clients’ journeys within the programme to better understand their needs.”

hubs101 aims to offer event planners a future solution where event attendees can network with an AI-powered matchmaking function. The platform claims its data shows digital partners book 10.2 business meetings per event with decision-makers and C-suite managers, and both visitors and vendors consume 4.4 sessions per event and watch most of the sessions until the end on hubs101.

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