ICCA sends solidarity message to China members

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ICCA sends solidarity message to China members

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) has sent the following message of solidarity in support of its 86 Chinese members over the coronavirus outbreak:


Dear ICCA China members,

On behalf of the ICCA Board of Directors and members worldwide, we would like to express our solidarity and support of the global meetings industry community with you, your staff and families in China affected by this outbreak.

We are very concerned for the interest, well-being and safety of you and your family members in China. We extend our sympathies for the loss of many lives and difficult struggles disrupting your daily life. We pray for you and everyone in China and hope everything can return to normal soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with the relatives of the victims and to all those affected by this epidemic.

Through the Asia Pacific office, we have been given regular updates on what is happening in China. We are proud to see that our venue members, namely the Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center and China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center, have been turned into temporary hospitals. We highly commend this exemplary action in providing transition assistance to the affected community.

We firmly believe that you are strong and unified to overcome this difficult time. We know the strengths and virtues of the people in China, and we are confident in your strength and perseverance.

“Wuhan Jiāyóu; China Jiāyóu”, this is a beautiful and inspirational phrase which we at ICCA wish to convey to all ICCA members in China, and especially to the six members in Wuhan, the epicentre of this unfortunate situation.

  1. China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center
  2. Eurasia International Convention Hotel
  3. RIMS Expo Corp. Ltd.
  4. Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Center
  5. Wuhan Rayte Exhibition Culture Co., Ltd.
  6. Wuhan Shihedao Network Technology Co., Ltd.

We know one thing for sure – united as a nation, China will rise again to be stronger, more prosperous and more important as a leading force of the ICCA Global Community.


With utmost concern,

James Rees, ICCA President (London)

Senthil Gopinath, ICCA CEO (Amsterdam)

Representing the ICCA Board of Directors

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