‘Pollution pods’ raise climate awareness at COP25

‘Pollution pods’ raise climate awareness at COP25

IFEMA, a fair organisation in Madrid, has announced the installation and exhibition of Michael Pinsky’s ‘pollution pods’ in the central building of Feria de Madrid.

The exhibition will run until the end of the World Climate Summit COP25. Visitors to the COP25 will be able to experience the air in the regions being simulated by the ‘pollution pods’, to increase their climate awareness.

The pollution pods work by using a sensory experience to simulate the density of the harmful effects which are caused by pollution in large cities.

It creates artificial aromas and scents which are similar to the particles of nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and the carbon monoxide present in the air.

This aims to enables visitors to pass through polluted cells to help them understand the health risk of breathing polluted air.

The levels of pollution in cities such as New Delhi, London, Sao Paulo and Beijing will be recreated through a series of interconnected geodesic domes forming a ring.

The pods have previously been exhibited in Geneva, Manchester, New York, Paris and Vancouver.

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