Life sciences generate four conferences for Québec City

Life sciences generate four conferences for Québec City

Québec City’s booming life sciences industry is a major driver for the area’s economy and city leaders are celebrating the confirmation of four new major life sciences conferences.

The four conferences announced are:

  • 10th Canadian Conference on Dementia, 3-5 October 2019
  • Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Convention, 18-21 June 2020
  • Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Annual Meeting, 14-17 October 2020
  • 75th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM), 6-9 October 2021

The city points to a trend for a growing number of Canadian, American, and international organisations in the life sciences field choosing Québec City and the Québec City Convention Centre (QCCC) for their events.

More than 30% of events held at the QCCC are connected to life sciences. The four new conferences are expected to generate up to C$5m (US$4.01m) in economic spin-offs for Québec. Québec City has over 150 life sciences companies generating C$1.3bn in sales and 85 research chairs, centres and institutes.

Carl Viel, president and CEO of economic development agency Québec International says the city is focused on health research and that Université Laval is one of the top 10 research universities in Canada. He notes over $357m has been awarded in grants and contracts in the past three years.

“A lot of this life-changing research is actually transformed into commercial products,” says Viel, “which means each year, new start-ups sprout in cutting-edge sectors and viable niche markets.

“Crossing the chasm from pure and applied research to marketable solutions is truly unique to Québec. We outpace other urban centres because stakeholders work together. We have implemented several means for researchers and entrepreneurs to achieve worldwide success,” Viel added.

In terms of the private sector, the Québec City region also benefits from major projects, such as Médicago, which will invest $33m in building a new vaccine production plant, and Endoceutics, which is about to build a brand-new factory to commercialise its new medication.

The life sciences sector is also a big part of the annual Québec City Industry Forum. The 2017 edition was held 5-6 December at the Hilton Québec.
Viel added that the secret ingredient of Québec City’s life sciences and healthcare technology industry is quality research and innovation matched with ambitious entrepreneurs who can take that research and expertise and make it available for improving people’s daily lives.

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