Messukeskus announces social distancing restrictions waived

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Messukeskus announces social distancing restrictions waived

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland stated, 3 September, that the obligation to divide audiences into blocks and the two-metre safety distance obligation can be waived at public events in the Uusimaa region as well. In Finland, fairs have already been organised in Turku, Oulu and Tampere.

Several public and professional events are being prepared for October-November 2021. Messukeskus, the largest convention centre in Finland, has said the maximum capacity requirement by the Regional State Administrative Agency, which currently is 50% of the maximum number of participants, will not be an issue or limitation for them.

The extensive premises are designed with wide corridors, spacious programme areas, as well as safe distances and access arrangements. If an exceptionally large number of visitors per day is expected, those who have purchased a ticket and registered will be contacted well in advance and informed how to book a graduated arrival time of their own choice.

Messukeskus management is prepared to use the national Covid-19 pass as soon as it is possible in Finland. As the decision on this is still pending, a voluntary Covid pass will also be introduced at some autumn events. Clients are required to have either full vaccination protection, insurance that they have had Covid-19 during the last six months, or a negative Covid-19 test result.

In August alone, the restriction decision to divide audiences into blocks caused Messukeskus a loss of nearly EUR10m (US$11.9m). In Sweden, exhibition centres are comparable to shopping centres and are treated with the same rules. An international comparative study by SAFE Asset Group shows that visiting a trade fair is even safer than a visit to a shopping centre.

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