Motivating a corporate culture

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Motivating a corporate culture

Global association for the incentives industry, SITE’s CEO Didier Scaillet explains why your corporate culture is important to the success of an incentive travel programme.


Among the 10 statements from SITE’s recently published Bangkok Manifestothat deal with the nature, purpose and direction of incentive travel, one stands out: ‘Incentive travel helps to create corporate cultures that are fuelled by motivation and focused on future success’.

Company culture is a key theme these days for businesses with articles on the topic appearing frequently in Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times and on the business pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

It’s a massive focus for us at SITE, too, and is the core theme for our inaugural CEO Summit at our Global Conference in Vancouver: ‘Purpose built culture: how to create a powerful company culture that attracts and retains the best people’.

Jeff Duncan, CEO of Vancouver-based MeetingMax, will lead and facilitate the discussion of culture in the workplace at the CEO Summit. He believes it’s all about bringing together the right people and creating the best environment for talent to develop and grow.

Culture is the cornerstone of the success that MeetingMax has enjoyed and Duncan attributes their achievements to a strong foundation rooted in their purpose and core values – and a clear sense of direction shared among all team members. This recipe for success is the reason they were named Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Culture.

In her commentary to the culture statement of The Bangkok Manifesto, Tina Gaccetta, CITP, Vice-President Network Marketing & Incentives, LegalShield Corporation, writes about the importance of corporate culture and she states incentive travel experiences have the unique ability to rally an organisation towards focused goals, over a specific period.

“When executed well, the incentive contest creates a fun competition while bringing awareness of and engagement with targeted behaviours that both encourage personal development and build business success,” Gaccetta says.

“This, in itself, is already motivational – but there’s more! When winners are appreciated and recognised with incentive travel experiences it fosters confidence, trust and full-on, magnetic loyalty. Companies that connect with their performers to craft, deliver and share memorable experiences, strengthen their commitment to the company in ways that otherwise could never happen,” Gaccetta adds, and also cautions that the reward will only be successful when it’s an expression of a deeply rooted corporate culture that appreciates and cares about its people. The “authenticity” factor, she says, is crucial.

The bottom line is when the corporate culture is right and people feel appreciated and valued, the incentive travel experience – that once-in-a-lifetime experience – will be credited back to the company that values their hard work.

As Gaccetta states so eloquently: “Great workplaces create wonderful incentive travel programmes and great incentive travel programmes create wonderful workplaces”.

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