Partnering up with AI

Partnering up with AI

CMW_george-kipoGeorgios Kipouros (pictured), co-founder and event director of AI Business & The AI Summit global exhibition series, discusses AI and its role in helping the business events industry reach new heights.

In 1965, Gordon Moore observed “how overall processing power for computers will double every two years,” predicting that “this trend will continue into the foreseeable future”. Moore’s Law, the first computer disc, ARPANET (pre-curser to the Internet in ’69), the first robot, the first super computer, the first video game (Space War) meant the Sixties helped narrate the discourse of today. Giving a nod to Moore, the present-day digital dialogue speaks loudly to technological developments – trends ranging from wearable ‘smart tech’ and VR, to AR and AI.

The latter of these – Artificial Intelligence (AI) – finds fresh focus from AI maven Kipouros…

While the events industry is still trying to nail the ‘apps’ proposition (is there any organiser anywhere in the world that can claim their event app is outstanding?), technology is moving on to new frontiers. That’s good news for an industry that places itself at the heart of business networking and knowledge.

AI is – rightly – the most hyped-about technology that is already transforming human productivity and changing the way every organisation conducts business.

It can be applied on multiple fronts in the B2B events industry, with a strong impact on the CRM and networking fronts.

AI can help with the CRM element of large-scale exhibitions with an AI-agent (or ‘chatbot’) able to deal with thousands of attendees/exhibitors/customer enquiries – many of which tendAI_Summit_CMW_Issue-95to be repetitive and do not necessarily require human attention. Imagine the work hours saved and the efficiencies created!

The above are not science fiction scenarios but will be a reality in our events in the next couple of years – in fact, a number of start-ups are racing to develop the apps, chatbots and Machine Learning algorithms that are required to make these a reality.

Last but not least, as an overarching note, the advent of AI technologies is a wonderful gift to the B2B events industry. With AI, blockchain, IoT and other promising technologies entering the workplace, the need for human physical networking and communication will be further accentuated.

What better place to meet, engage and do business with multiple clients and partners than at a leading conference and exhibition?

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