Resolve to Meet with Purpose, with Hilton

More than a century ago, founder Conrad Hilton greeted guests at the opening of his first hotel with an inspiring welcome reflective of his philosophy: “It has been, and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.”

Today, Hilton stands resolved in our commitment to extend the light and warmth of hospitality back to the earth itself, investing in our planet’s care, protection and preservation so we can make good on our promise for the guests of tomorrow.

And by 2030, we are committed to doubling our investment in social impact and cutting our environmental footprint in half through responsible hospitality across our value chain. Learn more about Hilton’s Travel with Purpose initiatives in our 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

Measure and Manage Your Event’s Environmental Impact

LightStay is Hilton’s proprietary program to help our 6,600+ hotels measure and manage their carbon, waste, water, energy and other environmental performance factors. Available at every Hilton property around the globe, our award-winning LightStay reporting also provides projections for individual meetings and events to help you meet your own sustainability goals. And since bringing LightStay online in 2009, Hilton properties have saved more than $1 billion in utility costs.

Hilton’s Meeting Impact Calculator tracks an individual property’s consumption data to measure the estimated energy, carbon, water and waste produced from a specific event or meeting at that hotel. Pre-event reporting empowers our clients with tangible solutions to reduce their event’s projected footprint, adapting and adjusting to make their meeting more environmentally conscious. Post-event reporting provides clients with an itemized measurement of their meeting’s overall impact, which can serve as helpful documentation when tracking their own ESG goals.

The Impact Calculator is available at every Hilton property around the globe, because how you meet, matters.

Together, Our Light Shines Even Brighter

In a time when the world feels more connected and hopeful for the future, Hilton is working to expand and invigorate our Meet with Purpose program for a new age. Ask your Hilton Worldwide Sales representative how you can Meet with Purpose and leverage our reporting technology for your next event, because working together, our light can shine even brighter for the guests of tomorrow.