Scotland is a dynamic, innovative and vibrant country where you can tap into local communities of scientists, engineers, academics and business leaders, share knowledge, make a lasting impact and create lifelong connections.

Discover how to bring your event to a destination that fights against climate change, values thriving communities, embraces innovation and has sustainable development as a priority.


Scotland is a country steeped in history for its innovation and pioneering spirit and to this day our cities continue to be thriving research and development hubs providing solutions to help tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. The country is also proud to have three UNESCO designated cities – Dundee, UNESCO City of Design; Edinburgh, UNESCO City of Literature and Glasgow, UNESCO City of Music. The designations are testament to each city’s cultural assets and knowledge within these specialist areas.


Aberdeen is the energy capital of Europe and is at the heart of the country’s renewable energy revolution, as it moves forward towards a greener future for the oil and gas industry. The city has a history of academic excellence, innovation and scientific advances through its leading research centres and world class universities.


Dundee is a city of science, discovery, culture, food and drink, art and journalism. It also has a thriving life sciences and health sector, with strengths in chemical science and drug discovery, biosciences and agricultural science. Dundee is also home to the only V&A Museum outside of London, the V&A Dundee


Scotland’s capital has been an international centre of learning since the renaissance, a financial services hub since the 17th century, and a centre for science and technology since the industrial revolution. The city continues to pioneer in these fields and is seen as a leader in life science research, Fin-Tech, and the development of renewable energy solutions. Edinburgh is also known for its work in digital technologies, film making and creative industries, and advanced robotics.


Glasgow was once at the beating heart of the industrial revolution, it is now home to several Scottish Innovation Centres and four universities, which thrive on learning and innovation. The city is also a hub for life science and pharmaceutical research, a high-tech enclave with specialities in energy, engineering, photonics and satellites.

Inverness And The Highlands And Islands

Inverness is Scotland’s northern most city and is nestled in the Scottish Highlands. The area has incredible landscapes, sea views and dramatic mountain ranges, lending itself to be a natural leader in renewable energy.

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Many organisations have placed a renewed focus on ensuring they act as Responsible Global Citizens and are looking at ways of working and partnering with businesses who champion sustainability and promote positive societal and economic change.

Scotland has a wide variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that create real change, including walking tours with Invisible Cities, which helps to integrate people who have experienced homelessness back into the community as tour guides; rewilding the Scottish Highlands with Trees for Life and beach cleans with The Marine Conservation Society.

The activities contribute to Scotland’s local communities and leave a lasting impression, whilst promoting the organisation’s mission and purpose.

Key growth sectors

Here in Scotland, we know that the destination you choose for your next event has to resonate with your expertise, your values and aims. In Scotland your next event can tap into local communities of scientists, engineers, academics and business leaders, and in Scotland the opportunity to share knowledge, make an impact and create lasting connections is unrivalled.

Scotland has become a world leader in renewables, engineering, electronics, technology, life sciences and marine exploration. It is also home to a thriving fin-tech sector, the second largest in the UK, following London.

Homegrown events

With business events being a catalyst for stimulating ideas, forging new partnerships and strengthening working relationships, several home-grown events have come to fruition.

Engage Invest Exploit (EIE), which began in 2007, is an annual technology investor showcase which takes place at the University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre and features data-driven tech companies seeking investment from seed to series A. EIE is the result of a long-standing relationship between the University of Edinburgh, Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International.

Also designed for the data market is DataFest, which is organised by Scotland’s innovation centre for data and artificial intelligence, The Data Lab. The event has evolved from a single event to a fortnightly festival combining more than 70 different events across numerous Scottish cities. DataFest showcases on an international stage Scotland’s leading role in data science and artificial intelligence, while offering an unprecedented networking platform where attendees can interact with local and international talent, industry, academia and data enthusiasts.

Scotland’s inaugural event dedicated to the animal health, agritech, and aquaculture (AAA) sectors, A3 Scotland, took place in April 2022 at the John McIntyre Centre at the University of Edinburgh. The event was attended by industry, investors, scientists and government officials from across the world who gathered to build strategic partnerships and to discover the latest in research and development.

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Whether you are looking to capitalise on Scotland’s sector specialisms for an association event, add value to delegates at a company conference by partnering with one of the country’s ground-breaking social initiatives or simply to reward employees with an incentive trip to explore the rich history, culture and experiences that Scotland has to offer, we can help you find the perfect venue, match you with the right partners and ensure your event leaves an impact.