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Smartphone addiction: a saturated mind is a big source of stress

Expert Opinion

Smartphones and social networking sites are great at keeping people connected, but they can damage delegates’ ability to network and function successfully at conferences, events and meetings.

The increasing problem of delegates being welded to their texts, emails and social media websites leave many people exhausted through ‘information overload’ and that can lead to them making poor decisions.

A scrambled brain leaves them unable to concentrate on speakers and presentations and means they miss out on opportunities to meet contacts and network.

In fact, it is true to say that many eight-year-olds think more clearly than business leaders and politicians.

Facebook and Twitter clog the mind with a deluge of information, ranging from gossip to breaking news and smartphones allowing constant access to emails only exacerbate the problem.

A saturated mind is the single biggest cause of stress, lack of confidence, bad decisions, strained relationships, fumbled goals and unrealised potential.

People are paying the price as time-scarcity and information-saturation clogs the mental machinery they rely on.

 When your mind is clear you can focus, concentrate, solve problems and succeed.

 Leaders in every field, from visionary entrepreneurs to Olympic medal winners, agree that clarity is the key to outstanding success.

Just look at small children.They can get desperately upset about something and then smell what is for dinner and their head clears. They don’t hang on to stuff and look how super-innovative they are.

The fact is that as adults we interfere with that self-cleansing system and that is when the problems arise.

A survey of CEOs in the US asked the chief executives when they got their best ideas. The top answers were on holiday, in the shower and when driving to work.

Their head cleared and they started coming up with great ideas. It is a natural function of our system and something we need to encourage.

– Jamie Smart, a trainer, thinker and entrepreneur, whose best-selling book Clarity topped the Business Book charts of both Amazon and WH Smith, talks distractions at conferences. Any comments? Email cmw@mashmedia.net