South Africa Fact Book - WHY SOUTH AFRICA?

South Africa not only has cutting-edge facilities and superb infrastructure, it is a ‘can-do’ destination where delegates will be inspired, as they find new ways of thinking and doing.

South Africa and the SANCB has the ability to deliver world-class events against a backdrop that will forever influence delegates and attendees’ desired outcomes in a positive and memorable way.

56 Million beautiful, warm and friendly people

11 Official languages

Unsurpassed natural beauty: oceans, mountains, deserts, wetlands, grasslands, bushveld, 19 national parks and 8 World Heritage Sites

Fantastic weather – 18 degrees winter average, 28 degrees summer average

14th largest railway network in the world

World-class roads and modern infrastructure

Over 20 international airlines fly in and out of South Africa daily

Excellent low-cost domestic airlines

South Africa is the economic powerhouse of the African continent

50% of the world’s gold is produced in South Africa, we also export gold, diamonds and other metals

South Africa is a BRICS member

We are home to the Big 5 (Big 7 in fact, if you count the whale and the Great White Shark)

Table Mountain is one of our major icons, as is the Kruger National Park

We have the longest wine route in the world, in Stellenbosch

Our tap water is safe to drink

Here are our Top 10 reasons to visit South Africa:

  1. Value for Money: We tailor-make packages and experiences just for you and know that the bottom dollar is key to a successful event hosting in South Africa. Our hotels and facilities are value for money and eating out, entertainment and pre- and post-tours won’t break the bank. 
  2. World-class Facilities: Excellent airports, world-class road infrastructure, superb roads and four superb convention centres that have won awards far and wide. 
  3. Thriving Urban Capitals: Our urban centres of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg offer a fantastic city experience ‘with a difference’. From restaurants, malls and markets to funky galleries and museums and thriving nightlife and jazz bars, South African’s urban offering is supreme. 
  4. Diverse Experiences: South Africa is a ‘think-out-of-the-box’ destination, we believe that anyone who visits our shores is transformed, because they have had a unique and life-enhancing experience against a backdrop of a multitude of cultures. 
  5. We Deliver: We have an international reputation of being hard workers, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver the goods across the board – from serving that perfect cappuccino over breakfast, to providing sound and staging that is unequalled in Africa, we have the skill and the will to perform at the highest levels of professionalism. 
  6. Weather worth leaving home for: You would have heard the term ‘sunny South Africa’, and that is for good reason. Our country experiences excellent weather year-round, and our great weather is a good excuse to enjoy the beach or the bush (or the mountains and deserts for that matter) after, or before your conference. 
  7. Natural Beauty: The natural beauty of South Africa is certainly an added attribute to choosing our country for your congress or convention, we really have it all – mountains, oceans, deserts, and the bushveld. 
  8. Wildlife: We are home to the Big 5, and have a wealth of incredible fauna and flora in the 19 national parks as well as a multitude of nature reserves. Come to South Africa on a conference, followed by an unforgettable safari. 
  9. African Flavour: While we hold nothing back in terms of being up to speed with world standards in professionalism, when running our conventions and conferences, we always add an African flavour to what we do – making for unique and memorable experiences including drumming workshops and introducing delegates to the funky sounds of township kwaito. 
  10. Our People: We pride the fact that we are the ‘Rainbow Nation’ and no matter how diverse we are, we are always happy to invite your association and delegates to our shores and to show them what the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ is all about.

So, why don’t you RISE WITH US?

To date, hundreds of successful business events and incentive trips have taken place in South Africa. While the growth of Africa continues to rise, our ability to host is constantly proven. We have risen to the challenge, and we invite you to rise with us. Rise with our ability to deliver. Rise with our commitment to growth. Rise with our inspiring success. When you host your event in South Africa, we have everything in place to enable you to rise with our achievements.