Hospitality industry questions UK government plans to curtail cheap European labour

New plans unveiled by the UK government, 19 February, will treat non-EU citizens applying to work in the country the same as EU citizens after the ending of free movement post-31 December.

Brexit D-Day: How will it affect the industry?

Brexit is creating business opportunities and issues as well as recruitment problems, according to one of the leading UK meetings industry association’s members.

UK’s HBAA welcomes removal of minimum salary for migrant workers

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his government is to remove the proposed £30,000 minimum salary for migrant workers after Brexit (31 January).

Post-Brexit immigration reforms could “severely destabilise” the tourism industry

The UK Government’s proposed post-Brexit immigration reforms have the potential to “severely destabilise” the tourism industry in the country, putting at risk an industry that contributes £145bn (7.2% of UK GDP) to the economy, of which business tourism is a large part. One of the key findings concluded by the research, which was conducted by trade association UKinbound, Canterbury Christ Church U...