UK’s NEC Group caterer partners with Olio food sharing

The NEC Group caterer Amadeus has partnered with charitable scheme Olio, which connects volunteer ‘Food Waste Heroes’ with businesses to share un-used food with those in the community.

Indigenous food on the Darwin menu

The Larrakia people, indigenous to the Darwin region, have lent inspiration to the Darwin Convention Centre’s (DCC) new Seven Seasons menu, which management describes as “a culinary journey inspired by the Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) Seasons”.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre sets new standards for catering

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) has announced a number of new appointments to its 330-strong catering team, which has served over 2.4 million patrons over the past year. After the appointment of Mr Paul Jeffrey Chandler as Director – Food & Beverage early 2017, HML added new positions and restructured the Division. Mr Richie Li joined HML as Assistant Director – Food &am...

Québec City to host international conference on insects to feed the world

Québec City and Université Laval will host a major international conference in 2020 on using insects as food for both humans and animals. The 3rd International Insects to Feed the World Conference (IFW), will come to the Québec City Convention Centre 3-6 June and is expected to bring together 500 experts from around the world to discuss the status of research and the potential of insect protein fo...