Mash Sessions

Mash Session: #ChooseLive

Ten Thousand Hours’ Dom Garner talks to Martin Fullard about how the event landscape may be different in the future, but that a business will need to consider how events fit into their strategies. Digital events are not strictly the new normal, but can complement a live experience. But how do you hit the sweet spot? Learn more about Ten Thousand Hours here.

Mash Sessions: proactive selling with Ciara Feely

Mash Media’s Martin Fullard talks to MPI UK&I President Elect and Founder and author of Conference Converter on the importance of proactive selling during the Covid-19 crisis. Learn more about Ciara’s courses at Learn more about Conference Converter’s training sessions here, and a special session on selling in a crisis here. Click here to purchase a c...

Mash Sessions: Event Catering: Trends and Charity

Conference News editor, Martin Fullard, talks to Jens Nisson, executive chef director at UK-based Bubble Food. From 15 April 2020, Bubble Food has been working on an initiative to support the fridge and Food Bank at St George the Martyr Church on Borough High Street, London. The facility operates as a distribution centre for people with Food Bank vouchers from the Waterloo Food Bank, serving vulne...