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How Instagram has changed the way we travel

InterContinental Hotels has put together a survey looking at how social media has impacted travel, on the tenth anniversary of Instagram.

Positive Impact’s #CSRshareday campaign reached 4,834,871 impressions

Positive Impact today released the results of 2019 #CSRshareday, in a summary report. Positive Impact says the campaign achieved 4,834,871 timeline deliveries, building on last year’s reach of 2 million. #CSRshareday is an annual social media campaign set up to help spread knowledge and awareness of environmental and social issues the industry is facing. This year’s theme was ‘measurement’, asking...

#CSRshareday campaign drives events industry towards a sustainable future

Tuesday 23 April is #CSRshareday, an initiative designed to get companies talking about how they promote corporate social responsibility in their business. The initiative is set up by Positive Impact Events, a global not-for-profit which exists to provide education and collaboration towards a sustainable event industry. 24-hourly conversations from professionals passionate about sustainability wil...