In conversation with… TikTok

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In conversation with… TikTok

International Confex 21’s Brand Experience Theatre, 2 September, Mike Fletcher, editor of Digital Event News, Mash Media, hosted a conversation with Siri Brudevold, event coordinator at TikTok. She discussed the mobile video platforms’ approach to virtual events and where hybrid fits into the future.

Brudevold suggested also that the current state of events involves an “era of experimentation” where individuals have to undertake “trial and error” in order to understand the best way to host events.

From TikTok’s own experience, Brudevold commented: “One of our big learnings is pre-recorded is good, and safer from a PR view, but you can tell from the audience’s perspective that they don’t find it as engaging or authentic. The audience engages through chat functions and questions so much more when an event is live, rather than pre-recorded.”

In the contemporary events world, Brudevold suggested that “hybrid is a dirty word” that creates confusion. Rather than providing a concrete event definition it creates a scenario where what the event “means to one individual may be completely different to the organiser/venue’s perspective.”

Brudevold underlined: “The onus is on event organisers and platforms to keep the audience engaged. Organisers must ensure the experience they offer is focused, engaging and interesting.”

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