The time for hybrid events is now

Expert Opinion

– Paul Cook, MD of Planet Planit.

Well actually the time for hybrid events has probably been much earlier, as the necessary technology has been around, but what about the skills of people to produce a successful hybrid event?

A video camera in a conference room and an invite to an audience to view what’s happening is not a hybrid event. Engaging both the remote and face to face audiences as one is crucial to the success of a hybrid event.

In a similar way to social media being accepted as more than a passing fad, I see event professionals in all sectors; whether as venue suppliers, event suppliers or planners will need to understand the impact and opportunity that is provided via extending the reach of an audience through hybrid events.

If you are an event professional are you going to wait until hybrid events are accepted as being ‘the norm’ or are you going to put yourself ahead of your competition by seeking out the new skills/processes that are required in running a truly successful hybrid event? 

Not all events have to be hybrid and that is something that will come as a relief to some event professionals but for those that want to develop their skills and become even more valuable to their clients then the opportunity and challenge of hybrid events is calling you.  

Hybrid events are here to stay and they already have an impact on the events landscape and that is set to become only stronger given the key issues facing all sorts of organizations on the need for keep costs as low as possible, maximizing return on investment and of course not developing a carbon footprint the size of the Sahara.

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