Top tips for live streaming your event

Expert Opinion

Kevin Leaver, Head of Events at Millbrook Events shares his top tips for making the most of your event:

Millbrook Events can now offer live streaming at an event, enabling organisers to broadcast an event in real time to anyone, anywhere in the world. This can range from a simple webcam broadcast of say a key note session at an internal business conference, which would be ideal for companies with employees based at different locations across the country, to full coverage of a major public event. Live streaming can be used for anything from business presentations and conferences to educational events such as online training.

With the internet now available on a variety of portable devices, including phones, tablets and laptops it is easier than ever to reach a worldwide audience whenever and wherever they are.
1.       Exclusive access
Live streaming cannot be recorded or replayed, making your event an exclusive opportunity for your audience to access this information. People will be more likely to attend your event online if they know that this is the only time they can watch it, so make it clear that this is a one-off opportunity.

2.       Socialise with your online audience
Ask guest speakers and exhibitors to address the remote audience in a ‘behind-the-scenes’ style interview, this will help them to feel part of the event. Set up a web chat room, forum, or use social media sites, such as Twitter, to engage your online audience. Have key partners available to answer questions. This is also a good opportunity to get feedback on the event.

3.       Reap the rewards

Live streaming your event can open up another source of revenue; by charging face-to-face attendees a ticket fee, and remote attendees a reduced price to access the event online, you can not only increase the income from the event, but also make connections with potential new clients/customers.

4.       Get ahead of the competition

Streaming your live event will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of how new technology can be used to reach your variety of audiences. Live streams are easily available for businesses of any size or sector, and can help to market your business, placing it above the competition.

5.       Get started
You will need the following to get started with live streaming your event:

  • 2 x Digital video cameras (have a backup just in case)
  • Microphones for guests speakers, exhibitors and live audience members
  • Venue with Wi-Fi
  • Interface hardware for digital video camera to laptop
  • Laptop
  • Online live-streaming provider
  • Permission from key speakers and exhibitors to live stream them
  • Social media channels, forums, web chats for remote audience interaction

– Kevin Leaver, Head of Events, Millbrook Events. Any comments? Email