UFI claims clear event industry shift in growth rates from Asia to the Americas


WORLDGlobal exhibition association UFI claims there is a clear shift in exhibition industry growth rates from Asia to the Americas, two regions that recovered well from the global financial crisis in 2010 and 2011.
The observation, made after reviewing 10 editions of its biannual barometer ‘industry health-check’ survey, broadly confirms the exhibition industry is continuing to grow with 80 per cent of companies reporting increased turnover in 2012.
According to the association’s 10th UFI Global Barometer Survey, the Asia/Pacific region is now anticipating a slowdown in growth levels to the same level as Europe and the Middle East/Africa regions for 2013, with 60 per cent of companies experiencing a turnover increase.
UFI’s 9th Global Barometer, conducted in June 2012, confirmed the exhibition industry had stabilised despite anticipated feelings of pessimism for its 2012 results.

The slower growth noted in 2012 in the Americas appears to have reversed. The region is now home to the highest proportion of companies anticipating an increase in turnover for 2013. In addition, the Americas is currently the only region to declare the impact of the economic crisis on their exhibition business is now behind them.
However, growth predictions still outstrip current performance, with only four companies out of 10 in all regions announcing a profit increase of more than 10 per cent in 2012.
UFI MD Paul Woodward said that while Asia/Pacific has been the main growth area since 2010, slower growth predictions for 2013 means the situation is shifting.
“Current projections indicate that the highest exhibition industry growth should be achieved in the Americas during the next 12 months,” he commented. “As a whole, the industry remains remarkably dynamic, proving that the exhibition media qualifies as one of the top marketing tools for companies aiming to develop their business.”
The 10th UFI Global Barometer Survey reveals the industry remains concerned about the same issues as identified in previous editions. General economic considerations tops the list, followed by local competition and internal management challenges.
Three-quarters of the organisations surveyed include the development of new business activities among their strategic objectives. Of significant note is that 54 per cent of those surveyed now expect to expand exhibition operations to new countries.
For full results of the 10th UFI Global Barometer Survey, visit ufi.org/research
The next edition of the survey will be conducted by UFI in June 2013.
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