VOK DAMS gives 3G welcome to German revision of Covid-19 regulations

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VOK DAMS gives 3G welcome to German revision of Covid-19 regulations

International communications agency VOK DAMS has welcomed the positive developments for events and live marketing in Germany, where revised and less stringent Covid-19 protection regulations of the federal states were put in place.

North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg saw the 3G rule replace the infection rate level setup. Events are possible without participant limit, as long as all participants have been vaccinated, tested or recovered (3G).

The 3G rule generally applies to all events that take place indoors. For open-air events, the 3G rule applies to gatherings of 5,000 visitors and upwards, or if minimum distances cannot be adhered to. As a matter of principle, organisers must draw up a hygiene concept. If there are more than 5,000 participants, this concept must be presented to and approved by the health department before the event.

The new Covid-19 protection regulations will apply provisionally until 13 September in Baden-Württemberg, 16 September in Hesse and until 17 September in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia. VOK DAMS is confident that there will be no further tightening of rules shortly before the upcoming general election in September 2021.

Ulrike Ellmann, director of VOK DAMS worldwide, said: “We see the strong desire for live events of both our clients and the general public and we look forward to the increase of inquiries from our customers. Sure, hybrid events are here to stay, but before hybrid comes live. And with the updated regulations, we can plan live events confidently and safely in Germany again.”

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