Consulting firm to study risk of Legionnaires’ disease in conference centres

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Consulting firm to study risk of Legionnaires’ disease in conference centres

An international conference and event organiser has set up a consulting arm to give its clients a competitive edge.

AIM Consulting is an offshoot of AIM Group International focused on market analysis.

Among the projects it has launched already are a marketing academy for healthcare, providing market research and evaluation, and a study into the risk of Legionnaires’ disease in hotels and congress centres.

Gianluca Buongiorno, president of AIM Group International, said: “AIM Consulting’s results arise from the specific needs of its clients providing customized analysis of the problem and appropriate solutions with the support of selected partners throughout the world.We have 15 offices in 11 countries, organize 3,000 events each year, have grossed 95 million euro, are the Core PCO for 26 international and 18 national associations and have consolidated framework contracts with 20 pharma companies, we do not want to stop here. Our vision of the group can be translated into two words: diversification and innovation. With the initiation of AIM Consulting, AIM Group International breaks free from the traditional meetings industry’s business patterns. We are making our future happen because we believe in our dreams. Not just simple logistics but solutions and projects tailored for maximum success for our client”.

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