Glisser launches Hybrid Events Ignited

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Glisser launches Hybrid Events Ignited

Glisser, a virtual and hybrid event platform, has announced the launch of Hybrid Events Ignited, designed to educate and inform in-house corporate event planners on how to run their own hybrid events. The event will take place in London, New York City and online on 13 July 2021.

Across seven sessions, Hybrid Events Ignited will cover: The challenges of event design; Supplier requirements; Software requirements; Hardware requirements; Speaker experiences; and Attendees’ opinions.

Working with hybrid delivery partners including etc.venues, Encore, NMR, EventCloud, and Noonah, the event will use the Glisser platform to optimise audience engagement.

“It’s time for the event sector to look forward and we are very pleased to be leading the way with a truly progressive hybrid event,” said Mike Piddock (pictured), founder and CEO of Glisser. “Hybrid Events Ignited offers the corporate event planner community the chance to come together in person in both New York and London, or to join online if that suits individuals better. Providing the choice of all attendance options is something we are fast learning is essential, and then it’s down to us to execute a seamless experience for all attendees, wherever they are.”

Adam Simpson, director of marketing at etc.venues, which is providing both London and NYC venues, commented: “Running this event with speakers and audiences connected by technology in two of our venues on both sides of the Atlantic is a superb showcase of how hybrid events can create a bridge between two continents. There’s been a lot of talk about how to take events forward and hybrid means that everything and anything is possible; this event will show what can be done, internationally and nationally, in venues designed to connect.”

In the UK, Encore is responsible for the production of the event. Nik Rudge, managing director, EMEA at Encore, added: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to share our experience and provide insights of the full potential that hybrid provides to all of us, so that planners can use the format because they want, not because they feel they have to.”

Claire Tulloch, the event’s independent conference producer, concluded: “This is a world-first event that will showcase exactly what’s possible with a hybrid event.”

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