Agency HEVE delivers pay equity campaign in New York

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Agency HEVE delivers pay equity campaign in New York

HEVĒ, a division of global agency INVNT, has recently completed a new immersive campaign in New York’s subway.

The agency was behind a content takeover of the Oculus at the World Trade Center and Fulton Street Subway station, where they aimed to spark conversation around workplace culture and pay equity in New York.

The campaign comprised 10 individual stories spanning all walks of life, created and produced by the HEVĒ team on behalf of its client, the Society for Human Resource Management.

Each individual was captured in black and white and accompanied by a quote describing his or her personal workplace struggle, such as “They say I’m too young.” A cracked glass effect was then overlaid, and the screens showcased the individuals in bright, vivid colours alongside a triumphant phrase, such as “I say I have a fresh perspective.”

Chris Hercik, CEO of HEVĒ, commented: “Let’s be honest, the workplace is more dynamic than ever. Over the course of their lifetime, the average person spends roughly 90,000 hours at work, so it should be an environment that empowers and rewards.

“With this SHRM campaign, we had just 10 seconds to seize the attention of hundreds of thousands of commuters who pass through these places every day; so we did it with a simple statement: It takes one honest conversation to change the workplace.”

SHRM Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, Jeaneen Andrews-Feldman, added: “These issues described in the creative content speak to a larger problem with workplace culture in the U.S. According to SHRM’s new Culture Report – 1 in 5 people have left a job due to workplace culture.

“This is bad for people and for the bottom line. Our goal is to create better workplaces where both employees and employers thrive together.”

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