AIME gets a Grip with technology partnership

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AIME gets a Grip with technology partnership

Australasian meetings show AIME has announced a new partnership with the event technology company Grip. The companies hope to collaborate on an innovative meetings algorithm for matching connections between AIME attendees.

Through Grip’s custom functionality and AI Scoring Matrix, meetings will match through a series of criteria, including meeting preferences, profiled data from buyers and exhibitors, preferences against similar delegates at the event, and meeting ratings between similar users.

Silke Calder, event director of AIME, said: “Grip’s AI meeting matching technology will supercharge business opportunities through its matchmaking capabilities. It knows exactly who you want to see before you do. Pre-scheduled appointments at AIME 2022 will be meaningful and outcome driven.”

Tim Groot, Grip CEO, added: “Our platform will allow participants to have a seamless experience in making connections and building new relationships that will move the business events industry forward.”

AIME is set to become two separate events for 2022. Melbourne will convene an in-person show, 21-23 March, for the domestic market, to be followed by the brand’s first ever online event week, 28 March-1 April, where delegates from across Australia, New Zealand and the globe will have an opportunity to connect.

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