Berlin’s face behind the BAB podcast voice

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Berlin’s face behind the BAB podcast voice

Berlin venue, the AXICA has published a new video for its Online Event Planner featuring our Berlin’s Awakening Beauties podcast meetings meister Mark Felstead.

The AXICA lets Herr Felstead step into the light bringing our podcast host out from the shadows. Mark, we find out, moonlights from time to time in full technicolour to produce infotainment videos and, in this one, creates a sort of Mr Bean-meets-Marcel Marceau-meets-meeting planner.

Although Mark does effectively interview himself every week on BAB, this time he has a mandate to go full throttle and goes into full Berlin broadcast bloom.

While Mark and his camera team continue to wait for their Hollywood call (it may be a long one, Mark), you can judge for yourself and watch this latest creation for AXICA’s Online Event Planner here. But don’t hold that image if you don’t want to, and please continue to enjoy the BAB podcasts with all visual traces of Mark expunged from memory (only joking big fella!).

Now, if John Le Carre’s George Smiley had been talent spotting on today’s Ku-Damm, Mark would clearly have been expecting a tap on the shoulder, although I have my doubts his infectious personality would be able to keep the necessary secrets for too long.

Keep sharing your treasure trove of Berlin business travel and hospitality secrets with us for many more years yet, Mark, our very own one-man ‘high breed’ event!

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