Cambodian Health Ministry brings in $3,000 deposit for all foreign arrivals

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Cambodian Health Ministry brings in $3,000 deposit for all foreign arrivals

Any foreigner planning on entering Cambodia from 11 June will be required to pay a US$3,000 deposit as well as other fees relating to coronavirus testing.

Cambodian Finance Minister, Aun Pornmoinroth, announced the decision following a request by the Ministry of Health to charge foreigners for all Covid-19-related expenses. The new requirements are in addition to the rules that require foreigners intending to travel to Cambodia to possess a health certificate issued less than 72-hours prior to departure stating the traveller is free of coronavirus, in addition to having a minimum of $50,000 health insurance.

The Cambodian government has previously born the costs of screening arriving passengers and the medical treatment for those who test positive after arriving from abroad.

All arrivals to Cambodia, whether locals or foreigners, must currently go to waiting centres and undergo a Covid-19 test. They must stay there until the results are clear, usually around 24 hours.

Foreigners must now pay for all expenses, including US$5 for the transport between the border and a waiting centre, $100 for the coronavirus test, $30 for a day at the centre, and $30 for meals.

To ensure all foreign arrivals pay the fees, $3,000 will be collected from visitors with the charges deducted from the deposit before it is returned.

Anyone testing positive for Covid-19, everyone on their flight will need to undergo 14 days of quarantine, with foreigners required to pay $84 per day for the duration.

Foreigners testing positive for Covid-19 have to pay $225 per day for hospital treatment. The Health Ministry added that a charge of $1,500 will be levied for cremation services in the event of death.

As of 11 June Cambodia had confirmed 126 cases of Covid-19.

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