Commercial building looks to video conferencing to differentiate

Commercial real estate is incredibly competitive, especially in San Francisco, where tech companies and startups are looking for new, bigger, and state-of-the-art spaces for their own work and to find new talent. Real estate company KBS saw the potential of the area and knew they needed to find a way to differentiate itself from other cool spaces nearby. Aside from a great location near transportation, restaurants and water views, KBS used a unique approach for its building implementing national video conferencing program with meeting spaces for tenants to utilize.

Because of the young and tech-savvy potential clients, KBS wanted to utilize new technology to entice these clients and give themselves the edge that they needed against competition. When analyzing the needs of their clientele, KBS found that video conferencing and collaboration were the top factors to drive interest. KBS saw video as a necessary component for the type of companies that would frequent the space, who may need to conference face-to-face with potential investors, remote workers, and potential new talent. The program was implemented with conference rooms open to all of the tenants, and also extended outside of dedicated conference rooms into the lobbies as well to encourage larger group collaboration and to introduce the devices to new clients.

The building was designed with huddle spaces using digital whiteboards that featured both video conferencing and touchscreen capabilities with Windows 10, which allows users to work directly on top of their documents. When designing the spaces, infoRev MEDIA President David Liu handpicked the InFocus Mondopad all-in-one videoconferencing interactive display for the conference rooms and lobby. The touch screen feature was a key element in the choice, because users needed to be able to walk up and use it without any prior training. The InFocus Mondopad can wirelessly display any content from any device the rotating group of users may employ including Chrome, Apple and Windows. Aside the ability to cast their content, users also have the flexibility to use different video conferencing platforms like Skype for Business, Lync and Zoom.

The flexibility and familiar interface of this particular product were beneficial to the program. It was a new approach for KBS to provide the technology for tenants to use, and collaboration technology can go unused if it isn’t user-friendly but in this case it was something intuitive that tenants could grasp. Simplicity and flexibility were key considerations and paid off in this commercial space with a rotating user base. KBS is a pioneer in the space and took the risk that paid off.

By InFocus.

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CMW Guest Author

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