DBpixelhouse celebrates Bring Your Dog To Work Day

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DBpixelhouse celebrates Bring Your Dog To Work Day

DBpixelhouse celebrated Bring Your Dog To Work Day last week, raising money for animal charities All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia, a charity which works to protect animal rights in China and Vietnam.

DBpixelhouse graphic designer Katie McNaught first suggested the company take part: “The idea came from a colleague – that as part of DB’s corporate social responsibility, we should support an animal charity by bringing our dogs into work for one day and all donating,” she said.

“A quick Google search revealed that this magical day already existed and has been running for several years. So here we are, overrun with dogs— from Greyhounds and Springer Spaniels, to German Shepherds and French bulldogs. Seeing as it was my idea, I guess it’s on my head if it goes wrong, so no pressure!

“Bring Your Dog to Work Day is organised by ethical pet care product manufacturer HOWND and has taken place every year since 2014. It’s as simple as it sounds, we’re simply bringing our dogs to work with us for the day. Being the first time we’ve done this, we can’t be sure how much work will get done today—but we know we’ll have a great time and raise money for two very worthwhile charities.”

There were a range of dog-related activities lined up for the day, including group dog walks, obedience and agility tasks and a canine quiz.

DBpixelhouse founder and CEO David Bulley commented: “We take our corporate social responsibility seriously at DB and are keen to do more for good causes. A lot of us have dogs, so when Katie approached me about today, I thought it was a great idea! In the early days of DB, when we were based out of a barn, I used to bring my dog into the office everyday—so it feels quite familiar.”

“I’m delighted how the whole team have bought into the event today. Everyone’s enthusiasm is indicative of who we are at DBpixelhouse: keen to get stuck in and aren’t fazed by working in an unpredictable environment.”

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