Driving immersive hybrid experiences with Augmented Reality

Driving immersive hybrid experiences with Augmented Reality

Nextech’s Chris Burton discusses the power of Augmented Reality to optimise virtual events

Technology and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing how we live, work, shop, learn and play. The global pandemic has taught us to look through a different lens, exposing new, more interactive ways to consume content.

New digital experiences are rapidly taking over the ‘New New’ economy, especially in the events industry. As the world begins to open up and meeting face-to-face is possible again, organisations are keen to build upon the supercharged digital transformation and turn to hybrid events and AR to drive engagement higher than before.

The key to AR’s effectiveness lies in storytelling – the technology literally immerses attendees in a story being told by speakers or sales reps in a virtual booth, elevating people’s sense. Let’s explore how AR storytelling platforms can deliver an unforgettable immersive experience for audiences around the world.

1. People

Events aren’t events anymore – they’re experiences. People no longer want to attend one-size-fits-all B2B gatherings; they want experiences that challenge their thinking and present information in new, exciting ways.

The possible applications of hologram technology are endless. You could, for example, surprise your audience with a pre-recorded holographic message from the company CEO, introducing a keynote speaker or announcing the latest product launch with a 3D product model spinning on-stage as they speak. And the best part? Both your online and in-person audience members will enjoy the experience.

Nextech AR’s AiR Show doesn’t require any of the expensive hardware usually associated with VR/AR technologies like headsets or head-mounted displays – audiences simply need to download the app, scan the QR code and the message will appear in front of their eyes.

2. Products

Your hybrid experience has a purpose, whether that purpose is to increase brand awareness, lead generation or sales. By integrating AR 3D product model, visitors can simply scan a QR code anywhere within the digital experience and access product details, a pre-recorded 3D product tour or company overview.

AR/Smart Packaging is also an inseparable part of hybrid events. Our Genie in a Bottle solution empowers you to bring your brand ambassadors as AR holograms to your customers to promote brand awareness, increase sales and build a long-term relationship with them via episodic content.

On the show floor, Genie in a Bottle could be enchanted into any object. For instance, if you’re planning a giveaway during your hybrid event, you could place the QR code on goodie bags to attract more participants (online and in-person) that would then trigger the holographic presence when scanned.

Web AR and AR advertising offer a fantastic opportunity to better engage existing customers for the e-commerce and retail industry.

Web AR empowers customers to experience 3D product models without having to download the app and are an effective solution for those looking to boost sales and cut product returns.

AR online banner ads are often used by clients to drive traffic to their 3D booths and encourage event registrations. They’re interactive, too.

3. Places

No destination is unattainable now it can all be recreated in a 3D digital environment and Nextech’s AR 360 Portals empower you to do just that.

They can be used for virtual visits with 360 VR videos. There are no constraints on what type of digital environment you want to create – only your imagination.

For hybrid events, it could be your physical venue to make your virtual attendees feel as though they’re attending live. For in-person attendees, you could be taking them for a virtual tour around your HQ.

The lines between digital and physical have been forever blurred.

Hosting a successful hybrid event is about blurring the lines between digital and physical and AR can help achieve that balance.

Never before have we had such a powerful storytelling medium that would allow us to grab and keep the attention of audiences across the globe, whether they’re joining in-person or virtually.

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