‘Events Reimagined’ – Hubilo goes behind the scenes to offer organisers tips and advice

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‘Events Reimagined’ – Hubilo goes behind the scenes to offer organisers tips and advice

Hubilo Technologies Inc, a virtual and hybrid event management company, announced, 1 September, that they hosted a special event, ‘Behind the Scenes of Events Reimagined,’  with speakers offering solutions and tips for relieving some of the anxieties that event organisers experience.

Speakers offered advice on how organisations could create engaging experiences where attendees actively participate, network in lounges, or make the most out of visiting booths rather than just passively listen.

The event also attempted to highlight how brands must compete for the time and attention of their audiences with streaming content creators.

Cinematographers and production assistants shared insights on improving virtual events by treating them like film productions. Their topics included: Movie secrets to make your event seem magical, Essential A/V skills for every event marketer, and Key takeaways to run a successful virtual event.

Liesl Leary-Perez, vice-president of corporate marketing at Hubilo, said: “When we launched the latest version of the Hubilo platform two months ago to nearly 2,000 attendees across 100 countries, we were able to immediately take advantage of a robust new source of marketing data and analytics that we never had before… Because of these insights, we were able to quickly create an effective campaign to drive revenue and results from our events, despite the unpredictable nature of Covid-19.”

Hubilo added that its platform has seen more than 100m event engagements in 18 months across more than 6,000 events.

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