Five sustainability criteria an event agency must comply with

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Five sustainability criteria an event agency must comply with

Sustainability has long been at the top of any company’s mind. The events sector, as an industry that generates large amounts of waste, is no exception and, nowadays, there are many agencies that are reviewing their production policies from an environmental, social, and economic perspective.

Brands, too, have long been aware that they must be consistent in their sustainable approach, applying it to all of their activity, including event management.

In this context, it’s essential for brands to know how to choose the agency that would guarantee a 100% sustainable management of your events.

That is why, 4foreverything wants to list in this article the requirements that it considers essential for your agency to guarantee an impeccable organisation of your sustainable events.

1. Possessing international certification for sustainable event management

Having a certification in the sustainable management of events guarantees that the agency has a system and a methodology that has been endorsed and approved by a reference institution. The agency with this type of certification is capable of elaborating and reflecting all the necessary actions for an event in a sustainability plan. International certifications such as ISO 20121 are a guarantee of a 100% sustainable event management performance.

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2. The figure of the Sustainability Manager

As important as having a certified methodology is having a figure that is becoming more and more fundamental in event management: the Sustainability Manager. A profile that, in addition to ensuring compliance with the ISO methodology, is in charge of being the link between the interested parties participating in an event: decision-makers, administration, venue managers and suppliers, guaranteeing that all of them comply with the required sustainability policies.

3. Having a tool to calculate the carbon footprint

Even the most sustainable events generate a carbon footprint, however minimal it is. That is why it is essential that your agency have a tool that helps calculate the impact generated by your event. The result of this calculation serves not only to show the reduction achieved with the policies applied, but also as a starting point to be able to look for projects that fit with a philosophy and in which can compensate for that footprint.

4. Working with circular economy in mind

One of the challenges of the sustainable management of events is to create projects from the prospective of a second life that could be given to its elements. This requires an important initial creative work, in the planning phase of an event, but also a deep knowledge of the treatment and transformation processes of the elements as well as the existing opportunities in the market.

5. Having a method of control and supervision of its value chain

It is no use in trying to be sustainable if this commitment does not extend to our value chain. A sustainable event agency must maintain, promote, and establish the necessary sustainability requirements for suppliers to guarantee a correct sustainable performance in their services.

4foreverything is an international event agency specialised in the design, production and implementation of corporate events, fairs and congresses based in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Amsterdam. It is the first event agency to obtain the double certification for sustainable event management: Eventsost-ISO 20121 from AENOR. It offers clients sustainable consulting services, development of sustainability plans and calculation and compensation of the carbon footprint for their events.

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