Government Blockchain Week set for six days in Washington, DC, starting 27 September

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Government Blockchain Week set for six days in Washington, DC, starting 27 September

The US Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is to host a week-long live event, Government Blockchain Week, 27 September-2 October 2021.

Blockchain leaders will join investors and government policymakers in Washington DC for a week of live events that will feature six blockchain conferences.

Blockchain is gaining momentum in multiple fields, inspiring topics such as cybersecurity and cryptocurrency, international trade and aid, NFTs, legal and law enforcement, and more. On the Thursday and Friday, the entire conference will converge on the Congressional Auditorium of the US Capitol. This two-day conference is GBA’s flagship event, ‘The Future of Money, Governance, & The Law’.

One of the speakers will be founding fathers of blockchain technology, Scott Stornetta and there will be presentations from the Australian Trade & Investment Commission and from a blockchain architect from the London Stock Exchange. The head of Tax Risk Analysis from the Croatian Ministry of Finance is also on the speaker list.

The week’s events will also make use of iconic venues throughout the city, including the DC Attorney General’s Office, The British Embassy, The Embassy of Bahrain, and the US Capitol Congressional Auditorium. There will be three evening receptions.

Organisers are encouraging participation and says that as blockchain technology continues to disrupt, reroute, and upend our existing systems, those who understand how to navigate this new terrain will be the victors in the emerging blockchain century.

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