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Green Haven Switzerland

With the current crisis, it becomes more and more apparent that attendees of business events require much more than a direct flight to the destination, a comfortable hotel bed and good catering. Safety, a focus on sustainability and space to breathe have become increasingly important. Can Switzerland offer these and be a viable option after the crisis?

Efficiency and reliability are in the Swiss’ DNA. If a train is merely four minutes late, you notice a quiet commotion on the platform: “That means I might be 2 minutes late for work!”, not an unusual phrase at Swiss train stations. It’s no surprise that the Swiss take reliability and punctuality very seriously. Event organisers profit from this so-very-Swiss trait – in Switzerland, you can be sure that whatever you organise will happen to a T. A peace of mind that is priceless in a time where confidence is somewhat lost and T&C’s, hand sanitiser stations and cancellations rule the world.

Swiss Travel System / Valentin Flauraud

Taking the train in Switzerland is an experience on its own. For complete exclusivity and an unforgettable memory, charter the Stiva Retica, a train carriage whose inside looks like a wooden mountain chalet, and you are served Swiss cheese and meat. If cheese doesn’t float your attendees’ boat, maybe chocolate will? Hire out the chocolate train in the Montreux area for a chocolate experience with a stunning view. Trains in Switzerland are more than a means of transport to get attendees from point A to point B. They are a way of gathering everyone for a drinks reception even before arriving at the final destination. They are a way of starting that kick-off meeting with lakes, fields and mountains rushing past. They are a way of making sure the guests start their experience with a wow moment. There are grand hotel-style trains, piano bar trains, chocolate trains, cheese trains, cookie trains, wooden Alpine chalet trains, meeting trains, you decide!

Switzerland Tourism

Trains are not the only way of making your event sustainable without extra effort or costs. In most Swiss cities, the use of public transport is free with a hotel overnight. No more tedious bus rides through busy cities. Most of the time, public transport is not even necessary – Swiss cities are so small and easily walkable, that the hotel and gala dinner venue will only be a short 10-minute walk through the old town.

Switzerland Tourism / Jan Geerk

Switzerland’s stunning natural beauty is visible wherever you look. Even in its biggest city, Zurich, the water of the river is so crystal clear that you will see locals swimming in it throughout the year. Once at the lake front in Zurich, your gaze will wander into the distance and to the mountains that frame the view. If you arrive at Switzerland’s second international airport in Geneva and take an hour-long train ride along Lake Geneva, with views of the French Alps, you arrive in Montreux. This region has a microclimate that’s similar to the Mediterranean area and makes them not only have a palm tree lined lake front, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the famous vineyard terraces called Lavaux.

Swiss Panoramic Tours / Christophe Cosset

If delicious Swiss wine is not a way to finish off a sustainable event in Switzerland, then maybe it’s the view over the blue Lake Geneva, some Gruyère cheese or sweet Swiss chocolate?

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