Seoul moves forward with K-soft power

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IMEX Dalgona event

Seoul outlines key events that showcase its soft power and Korean culture.

IMEX Frankfurt provided great content to the tourism industry, allowing them to develop tour packages or team-building programs.

Seoul’s booth at IMEX Frankfurt 2022 attracted many visitors. At the event, there was an opportunity for visitors to carve out letters on the famous Korean sugar-based candy: Dalgona. This candy was already the most popular street snack at Myeong-dong before Netflix’s original series “Squid Game”.

Another event held at Seoul’s booth, Chimaek Time, offered an opportunity to strengthen networking among the participants. Chimaek is a combination of Korean-style fried chicken and beer that widely advertised Korean food culture to the extent that it was registered in the Oxford Dictionary. The food activity aimed to leave a lasting impression of Korean culture on IMEX attendees.

Other key Seoul events

Just as K-pop stars are at the centre of Korea’s soft power, there are cooperation experts in the hospitality power of Seoul’s meeting industry. The Seoul Convention Bureau held its SMA Leaders Round Table 2022 in mid-May, which provided networking opportunities among its Seoul MICE Alliance members. This took place at All the Mornings of the World in Yeouido, Seoul’s main finance and investment banking district. At the roundtable, the leaders shared their plans for the endemic era with other members and look for opportunities to collaborate.

2022 STO MICE Global Expert Welcoming Ceremony also took place in May, at DDP’s Seoul ON. At this event, 265 MICE global experts received training in managing and promoting diverse MICE events and venues in Seoul.

The most recent event, the 2022 SMA Networking Workshop, was successfully held on 17 June. SMA members spent a day visiting new Seoul’s MICE venues and participating in teambuilding and networking activities.

With its experienced SMA members, Seoul is showcasing its soft power and getting ready to take on new challenges of the endemic era.

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